Failure is a supreme form of purification


Peace and Love Dream Awake Alchemists

The entire Kickstarter journey was such a soul stretching experience. I am amazed and grateful that you all supported this soul work. I had a beautiful and emotional experience getting lots of feedback from family and friends about who I am as a person and business woman.

I’m not gonna lie, I had a wee bit of a pity party for about 30 minutes yesterday and felt the tinge of failure swell in my eyes and run down my face. I questioned why was I making art all and considered that maybe its just not my time.  I then realized that this is not about me but about the art and if I can keep that in mind, I won’t take anything personal.

What did I learn from this kickstarter Campaign?

I learned about my weaknesses firsthand and the following three topics have been identified as areas that I need to strengthen in order to come back from the crowdfunding experience with renewed resolve and prowess.


I took some time to review all of the successful tarot campaigns and many of the artists had been sharing a consistent flow of their journey and process for quite some time before launching a Kickstarter.


Many campaigners are not doing it alone and if they are, they have built a solid community around what they have to offer before they offer it.


Until recently, asking family and friends for anything had always been very hard for me to do; however, for a Kickstarter to be a success I needed to communicate my needs to everyone and not be shy about it.

So what now?

I’m gonna keep the party going! For those of you who are still interested in becoming alchemists here are links to each offering below, pleased be advised that this is a pre-order and the products/services you invested in will not be available to you until late January of 2019.

Dream Awake Tarot Deck Pre-Order

Dream Awake Game Changer Bundle Pre-Order

Dream Awake Creative Baby Doula Service Reservation

If you are still rocking with me, then I am still rocking with you! Let’s continue to hold space for self love and communal healing. We all deserve the best of everything. If I can fall on my face and still find a reason to smile and keep on pushing, then so can you 🙂

Infinite Blessings,

Alia Shanti Gumbo

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