Ambassadors Income

This affiliate experience is hosted by gumroad, an innovative system that assists artists and creatives with sharing what they are passionate about.

How do you get paid?

To reward sharing; and foster symbiotic relationships beyond just back-patting and retweeting, Gumroad created the simplest affiliates feature ever.

The Dream Awake Experiences offers a 30% percent commission, which is a percentage of the total sale amount (including sales tax and shipping) you will earn in exchange for referring customers.

Once you start sharing your unique link, Gumroad will cookie customers when they visit the link. As long as a customer purchases a Dream Awake Tarot product within 30 days of visiting your link, you will get credit for the sale.

Can you visualize yourself receiving passive income from simply spreading the word about Dream Awake Tarot?


Affiliates must have Gumroad accounts for payout purposes. Sign up here yes it is that easy!


Update your account profile after creating it. If you log in to Gumroad and see a message saying your email address has not yet been confirmed, resend yourself a confirmation link.


Text 323.609.7104 the email you used to sign up for your gumroad account.


specify which product offerings you would like to receive a commission for.


Celebrate community economics by sharing your journey with Dream Awake Tarot and encourage your unique community to do the same.

Example of your potential income from spreading the word 🙂 

Once sales start rolling in you will receive a sales notification email whenever a sale is made through your referral link.

Affiliates will be paid out every other Friday, just like Gumroad creators.


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