D R E A M  A W A K E  T A R O T

 P R E S S  R E A L E A S E 10.08.2018 

Dream Awake Tarot Featured in Tassili’s Gallery

Dream Awake Tarot is currently featured in the Tassili’s Raw Reality Gallery located in Historic West End. Thirteen art pieces are on display until November 31, 2018, in the eclectic raw food vortex. Stop by if you are in town, grab a spicy punany kale wrap and see the art up close and personal. All featured designs are available for purchase on this site. 

Tarot Of The QTPOC Interview: Alia Shanti Gumbo Of The Dream Awake Tarot

This sacred walk led me to curate the Dream Awake Tarot experience to assist with establishing a meaningful and reverent spiritual practice while also creating a platform for the practitioner to design their own special view of tarot and how it functions in their life. {READ MORE}

ROSE CHATS WITH ALIA SHANTI OF SHANTI GUMBOCould Dream Awake Tarot be the love child of traditional tarot, oracle decks, and witchy grimoires? {LISTEN FOR MORE}

On being seen…

“On so many levels, interdependence requires being seen, as much as possible as your true self. Meaning that your capacity and need are transparent. Meaning even when I don’t want to look in the mirror, I am (and choose to be) open to the attention of others.”

adrienne maree brown

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