33-day Self Love Journey


The 33-day self-love journey provides a modus for self-exploration and pushing past comfort zones. Investing in a 33-day self-guided journey with access to a supportive online community provides emotional, mental, and spiritual support in actualizing your dreams, connecting to your intuition via the 33-day triumph cards, and integrating the shadow nature for holistic living.

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The 33-day Self-love journey includes:

33 hexagon shaped Dream Awake Tarot Triumph Cards

PDF Companion Download:

Used to strategically increase your meditation time daily, get bendy with daily yoga embodiments, clarify your numerology, learn about your moon sign, ground a ritual to start your day and much more!

33 days of guided writing prompts for Closed Container Alchemist Experience

Weekly Zoom Calls on MoonDay of each cycle


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