Creative Baby Doula Service *Complementary Shipping*


Are you ready to do your BIG THING and need help establishing a framework and plan? The creative baby doula services include custom designs, group chats, yoga practice design, meditation practice and much more!


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Doula Service

Our BIG dreams, business ideas, innovations, and goals are like babies! What better way to bring your baby into the physical realm than receiving doula services to assist you with grounding the vision, tapping into your intuition, and setting you on a pathway lined with practical daily steps to give birth to your idea?

Your Doula Service investment provides emotional, spiritual, mental, and business guidance as you give birth to your creative baby and create new streams of income within 42 days or less!

That book you’ve been talking about writing, that invention you’ve been dreaming about, or that wild retreat you desire to organize are all tangible ideations that simply need a framework for effective execution that saves both time and money.

As a community we will utilize the Teachable platform in live connections for 6 weeks to explore:

* Setting our intentions.
* Dissolving emotional blockages.
* connecting with our cards and exploring the meaning.
* Composing and recording a Personal Mantra.
* Building a personal Yoga Practice Based off of your reading.
* Assessing your personal financial management rituals & implementing organized time saving ideas.
* Determine what problem your business baby is solving.
* Reviewing and completing Legal Prerequisites & Business Plan.
* Determining your spiritual and business financial goals .
* Designing your Logo + Business cards.
* Planing and completing your Dream Awake Creative Baby Shower.

Doula Client Perks (Includes Game Changer Bundle): 
* Complementary Design Call to help ground the vision for your logo and business cards.
* Lifetime Access to Dream Awake YOUR Purpose online learning Experience.
* Complementary Membership into Dream Awake Alchemist Mighty Network.
* Self Love Playbook with Authenticity Certificate.
* 78-vividly colored 3.25 x 3.75 Hexagon Cards with 330 gsm,  Glossy Finish, UV-Coated Embossed Custom Tuck Box, and Custom Gold Seal.
* PDF Inspiration Guide affirmations, meditations, and quotes to get you motivated and turned on!
* 90-day subscription to music + meditation + yoga + breath alchemy library


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