Nasty Time *Complementary Shipping*


Nasty Time is a raw and honest memoire that reflects upon the lesson’s Alia Shanti has amassed throughout her spiritual + sexual journey. She has unraveled her over-standing that these two subject matters are not mutually exclusive of each other and are indeed complementary in nature.

Surrender to a vivid journey with her through “girlhood’ sexuality when dry humping was a recreational sport, or when the bath tub faucet became one of her most cherished lovers.

You will find that as you read, your own sexual mysteries, and taboos will soften as you embrace the natural, and biological gift of human sexuality.




Nasty Time requires that you open your heart to a new way of unwrapping the gift of human sexuality. Removing dogma, stigmas, taboos, and judgement to explore our very chemical + biological behavior.

Throughout its pages you will journey with her through tantric love making experiences, reflect on the first time oral sex was introduced to her pleasure list, and a myriad of other topics that assists the reader with exploring their very own sexual nature.

This read is not for the timid or judgmental, but rather, the fearless authentic way showers. 


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