Scholarship Donation

Flexing your philanthropic muscles to donate to the Dream Awake Tarot Scholarship Fund will provide tarot decks and other resources for community servants who give their all yet, don’t receive the support they should for all of the work that they do in the community.

This scholarship fund benefits beings who are in need of inspiration and life transformation to heal themselves like…

  • the full-time student’s who are working to pay for living expenses; while showing up to class every day with homework, projects, and case studies in hand.
  • yoga teacher’s that volunteer at libraries and/or offer their services on a sliding scale to accommodate everyone’s needs.
  • primary school teachers who show up for their students every day to provide not only a lesson plan but emotional support, nurturing, and guidance.
  • Mother’s doing all that they can to care for, love, and nurture their children while wearing countless other hats and still managing to stay sane.
  • Father’s committing their live’s to their family and are in need of a method to create space to tend to their own mental, physical and emotional needs outside of their roles and obligations.

The more financial energy that is raised for this fund, the more we are able to bless the community with the Dream Awake Tarot self-transformation tool. 

Thank you in advance for any 
amount you are led to give. 

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